How Haveakiddy vet brand and products

How Haveakiddy vet brand and products, we conduct a thorough vetting process to ensure, Medical credibility, company reputation, product quality and cost effectiveness, good business practices.

To assist you in making informed choices regarding your health and well-being, we collaborate with brands and occasionally endorse products in our content.

Before recommending any product or partnering with a brand, our team conducts a thorough vetting process to ensure:

  • Medical credibility
  • Company reputation
  • product quality and cost effectiveness
  • Good business practices

Rest assured that our recommendations are based on this rigorous evaluation, allowing us to endorse only products and companies that we firmly support.

Why we prioritize vetting at Haveakiddy

Our commitment to our community drives us to provide well-founded recommendations that undergo rigorous evaluation by our Brand and Content Integrity team. We strive to make a positive impact on your health and well-being while setting a benchmark in the health industry.

Let’s shed light on our vetting process

We apply a consistent scoring system to vet every product and brand we review.  Here are the factors we take into consideration:

We assess the following criteria during our evaluation:

  • Are health or medical claims backed by scientific evidence?
  • Does the company promote a healthy approach to well-being without perpetuating stereotypes, stigmas, or unhealthy goals?
  • Does the brand adhere to industry best practices and demonstrate leadership in their business operations?
  • Do they hold any relevant third-party certifications?
  • Has the company received any warnings from regulatory bodies like the FDA or FTC, and if so, have they addressed the issues?
  • Are there any ongoing or past legal cases or settlements related to fair employment or marketing practices, including class-action lawsuits?
  • Does the product provide a clear ingredient list and comply with current labeling guidelines?
  • Are there any potential risks associated with the product’s ingredients or composition, such as drug interactions or allergic reactions?

We consistently re-evaluate our partner brands to ensure ongoing adherence to our standards. If a product or brand no longer meets our criteria, we promptly remove it from our content. In the rare event that we share something that did not pass our vetting process, we openly explain why, allowing you to make an informed decision.